05 May 2020

How do you stay productive when juggling video calls, emails, children, pets and partners? How do you stay connected with colleagues and clients? How have you made remote work… really work?

2:00 min

During “quarantine life” we have all developed new routines and found alternative ways to deal with things that we used to take for granted – we moved team meetings to video conferences, help our children with home schooling and exercise by lifting bottles as if they were weights.


We know you all have many lockdown experiences and – as we slowly enter Phase 2 – we want to hear about them so that we can take inspiration and learn from it. This is why we are now asking for your wisdom and support – become a real UniCredit influencer and join our “new ways of working” campaign!


Maybe you have a great exercise that prevents your neck from hurting while staring at the screen, you’ve figured out the perfect desk setup to improve productivity or you’ve discovered the optimal way to do out a virtual meeting whilst ensuring that everyone stays focused… let us know! 


Share pictures, videos, or posts explaining the issues you’ve faced and the solutions you’ve found. 


Feel free to get your family involved – it could be a fun way to create engaging content! Ask your child to be your ghostwriter, or maybe take it to the next level: let your children film you and enlist your partner as the supporting actor…the possibilities are endless!


You can email all your contributions to onebank@unicreditgroup.eu.  If the files are large, use a file transfer but please don’t forget to disconnect your VPN!  


Please note: if people appear in any content, please sign the release form.