14 May 2020

Think you've watched all the movies and TV series? Are you getting bored of YouTube videos? Here's a list of five cult movies set in a country where UniCredit is present. It's a way to learn something about a different culture as well as to become more familiar with another language. So, sit back and enjoy the virtual journey!

2:00 Min

1 The Great Beauty (2013)

Jep Gambardella is a well-known journalist, writer and drama critic who lives in Rome. He is considered the king of the city’s cultural circles and nightlife. He spends his time in clubs and at parties with Rome high society, but during his 65th birthday he suddenly realises how superficial and trivial his life has become. What Jep is really attracted to is authentic beauty and its continuous pursuit, but his true essence is limited by the people and circumstances he relates with. 

2 Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)

Alex’s mother (Christiane) goes into a coma before the fall of the Berlin Wall. When she wakes up, her children are afraid that the news of the wall’s collapse could be a fatal shock for her, since her physical and mental health is still very weak and vulnerable. Thus, Alex decides to tell his mother the wall is still there and everything is the same as it was before her coma. The problem is that, in these few months, German culture and society have radically and profoundly changed, and the differences between Germany before and after the fall of the wall create situations which Alex tries to hide from his mother.

3 Glory (2016)

Tsanko Petrov is a humble Bulgarian railway worker who finds a huge amount of money on the rails. Instead of taking the money, Tsanko hands it over to the police. Because of this act of honesty, he is considered foolish by his family, but at the same time a hero by the national press. He ends up being used as an instrument of political propaganda by the Minister of Transport, who is under investigation for corruption, which shows him as a symbol of honesty. If you want to know whether Tsanko will stay an honest man until the end of the movie…

4 Beanpole (2019)

Leningrad, 1945. The city has been devastated by World War II, which is now over, but the scars and the pain are still there: buildings were destroyed and many people lost their lives. In this brutal context, continually fighting between life and death, two young women, Iya and Masha, try to find a meaning to their existence while participating in the reconstruction of the city.

5 The Constitution (2016)

The story is set in Zagreb and focuses on the life of Vjeko, who is a homosexual teacher plagued by the death of his partner. He lives with his father, a former fascist officer of the Croatian army, bed ridden for 6 years. Their story weaves together with that of two people living in their building: Maja, who is a nurse, and her husband, a Serbian policeman, who needs Vjeko’s help to pass an exam… Find out here how this movie manages to portray the prejudices and clichés from the past in modern society, and try to learn some words in a new language by watching it in Croatian with English subtitles!