30 March 2020

Paying attention to what we eat is not the only care we should take in the kitchen. Here are five tips to keep happy and healthy... and to have some fun.

2:00 min

Now more than ever, it is important to wash everything before serving it. This is also true for the boxes where the food is stored. You can’t be certain who touched them before they entered your house, so wipe surfaces with a detergent containing alcohol as soon as you bring them in.

Keep junk food away from your desk… and your kitchen, which is now dangerously close to your desk! It’s easy to find yourself munching on junk food during calls, so help your body stay fit by surrounding yourself with healthy snacks like fruit, carrot sticks and nuts. And if you want a treat, try some dark chocolate.

Keep your team engaged by exchanging recipes. Remote work may be productive but it means there are fewer social interactions with your team. A great opportunity to (re)connect would be to ask them about their favourite home cooked food and how to make it. You can exchange pics and tips with the whole team or and ask your family review it!


To make cooking more fun, make it a game and keep your kids busy with it. They’ll love getting their hands dirty baking a cake, helping you wash some apples or even cutting some carrots (if they’re old enough to safely handle a knife). It could also be a great way to refresh your knowledge of your grandma’s recipe book.

If you don’t feel like cooking, get in touch with your favourite restaurant. Even if they don’t usually provide a delivery service, they may be willing to make an exception. If you want to help them bridge this difficult period, call them to find out if there’s a way to pre-buy a dinner for when this passes. It gives them some cash flow and you’ll have something to look forward to when this period will be over.