27 March 2020

“Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination” – Walt Disney

2:00 Min

Are you curious to watch yourself through the eyes of your child in this period? We are!

That is why we are relaunching KidsArt4Future dedicated to our employees’ children. Now we’re asking them to “Draw your family at home.” It could be mum making breakfast while on a conference call, or dad helping out with math homework while finishing a presentation, or even an older sister practicing yoga in her bedroom…they can be as creative as they want!

The drawings we received as part of our previous KidsArt4Future initiative showed us that children’s imagination is limitless. If something exists in their mind, it is possible to make it happen. In these challenging days, this gives us a feeling of hope and positivity.

We look forward to receiving your children’s drawings! Please send them to onebank@unicreditgroup.eu and complete the UniCredit Release Form, which you can download from this link.

We’ll publish a selection on One UniCredit over coming weeks or maybe even create a short movie.