25 March 2020

Social distancing is an essential action to contain the spread of Covid-19 and protect ourselves and our loved ones. But remaining connected to our family and friends is fundamental for our quality of life, especially in current circumstances. Here are five ways to keep your distance without losing important social connections.

2:00 min

1 Keep talking to your friends!

Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing. Although you are unable to physically be with your friends, you can still connect and socialise in other ways. Use technology to have virtual meetings with friends – try having dinner or an aperitif over a video call!

2 Stay active!

Do you miss the social aspect of your gym class and catching up with people? Why not arrange to do some classes online with your friends? Online platforms can make working out at home more sociable. Alternatively, contact your gym, personal trainer or yoga teacher – they may be able to deliver their classes online.

3 Call your colleagues

It’s very easy to send an email or instant message to your colleague to clarify something or align on a task. But if you have the time, try calling your colleague. It’s always good to hear another voice and maintain human contact whilst you are not able to socialise in the office as you normally would. They may be feeling the same and want to have a chat!

4 Watch films – together!

Just because you are not on the same sofa with your friends or relatives, it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch and discuss the latest film or TV series as a group. Try watching a film, then setting a time to video call to discuss it – like a book club!

5 Give yourself some slack

Although we want to stay productive we must also recognise that this is a stressful time. Remember to look after yourself, especially if you are worried that you are not working as effectively as you would in your normal environment. It helps to acknowledge the stressful situation and accept that things are not normal. Remember: things will improve. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to family, friends or colleagues.