26 March 2020

Physical activity can be challenging to do at home: space is limited, there is no gym equipment, and sitting on the sofa and watching TV is a strong temptation... Here are five tips on how to stay fit using what you have at home.

2:00 min

1 Plan it!

Think about your biorhythm and coordinate it with your other duties. Set aside a slot in the calendar when you know that your energy levels are usually the highest… and use it to do some activity!

2 Design your desk for fitness.

With some simple tricks, you will be able to train even while working! With your feet firmly on the ground, do simple back exercises by rotating your torso. Change position often, if possible every 30 minutes, and between changes get up and walk around for a minutes: this will relieve tensions and reactivate circulation.

3 Involve friends or colleagues.

Technology provides many tools you can use to stay in touch with people, why not organize a group training by videoconference or participate in an online class? It will help you maintain your social connections and it will make it harder to skip a training sessions! Just remember to take courses suited to your abilities, better to start with easy exercises.

4 Dress for success!

Using your normal workout gear is important both to be more comfortable and to get in the mood for movement.

5 Build your own gym equipment in a few simple steps!

Fill plastic bottles with water, stones, sand or soil, they can become excellent weights you can use to define your biceps. Get yourself an elastic band – it is useful for doing different exercises for small and large muscle groups.