19 June 2020

Let’s look at how UniCredit colleagues from across our Group have been keeping fit during lockdown. There are even some workshops and classes you can join!

2:00 Min

1. Office workouts

To keep fit and healthy, UniCredit Bank Austria proposed a mixture of on-line workouts to keep us active. In partnership with GK Studios, UniCredit Bank Austria offered three new “office” workout videos a week. Whether you’re working from home or are back in the office, try a 15-minute exercise class from your workstation. Afterwards you will feel more energetic and ready to tackle the rest of the day! 

2. Weekly fitness

Our CIB colleagues encouraged their teams to keep fit with videos in their weekly newsletter called “Isolated but not alone”. In 20 minutes and with a couple of simple objects you can have a daily workout through lessons given by fitness trainers and yoga teachers from CIB’s main hub cities. In the video below, Robert from Munich provides a full stretching routine. Don’t forget your towel!

3. A playlist for all tastes 

Whether you are improving your yoga skills or sharpening your muscle tone, Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia has online videos classes for all ages. For your next session, you could try workouts designed and tailored for small spaces, dedicated to muscle toning and body sculpting or for equipment-free exercise routines. For English speakers,  they suggest some yoga tutorials like SarahBethYoga and Yoga with Adriene.  

4. Be inspired by a celebrity

You can now work out with famous celebrities and sports champions directly from the comfort of our own homes. Zagrebačka banka colleagues got into shape with Mario Valentić, a Croatian celebrity and entrepreneur, as he led the HealthyFit Fitness movement and is the Zaba Ambassador of “321 Kreni!” (321 Go!) a Croatian sports project. As you can see from the short video below, he offer high-energy exercise routines and recipes for a healthier, happier you. 

5. Don’t forget to stretch

Be honest: we all know the importance of stretching but sometimes it feels like being told to eat our greens as a kid – we just don’t want to do it! A simple 10-minute stretch routine can improve flexibility, range of motion, blood circulation, and body posture. Bulbank offers an assortment of videos with English subtitles on basic stretching poses to improve your mobility.