29 June 2020

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, fitness goal, job promotion or the completion of a tough project, don’t forget to enjoy it! Follow these five steps to celebrate your wins… virtually too

2:00 min

It’s important to celebrate success in our lives, no matter how big or small. Recognising achievements not only feels good; it also reinforces a positive attitude and boosts motivation to drive us forward, taking on bigger challenges as we go.


1 Show gratitude

It’s important to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged you through the process. We often forget those who have helped us reach the finish line, whether it be a big or small contribution. Inviting and including others in your celebration is a great way to fortify relationships and strengthen connections with co-workers, family members, or outsiders who have stood by your side and believed in you.

2 Share your success

Whether in a post, e-mail, text, blog – whichever medium you use, share your success story and be proud of your achievements! Telling your story not only helps you reflect on the journey, but it can inspire and enlighten those around you.

3 Accept compliments

Accepting praise and accolades from others can be difficult as we often find it embarrassing. It can make us sink back in our seats and shy away, to avoid compliments altogether. Giving and receiving positive feedback is an important factor in nurturing trust and relationships with others. The best way to accept praise is to show you received it and appreciate it. A simple response such as, “thank you, I appreciate your kind words” ought to suffice.

4 Do something fun

This is the best part about celebrations. For some people, self-reward is a physical activity like a run in the park or a trekking excursion. For others, it’s an opportunity for self-indulgence, such as a lavish dinner or a spa day. Whatever your preference, take the time to enjoy your win in your own, unique way.

5 Self-reflection

Contemplate on your accomplishments and write down important, life-learning notes. When we look at our journey to success, we digest and compartmentalise decisions and value systems that led us to the finish line. Questions such as “what did I enjoy most about this journey?” or “what strengths did I use?” help us to process information prior to moving on to the next challenge. Remember to jot down these reflections for your future self.