15 June 2020

We want everyone to contribute to One UniCredit to help make it a lively and engaging place to read and share our Group stories. Here are some simple tips to read before you write

2:00 min

1. Get the message straight

Make sure you are clear about why someone should read your article before you begin. Start by asking yourself, who is the audience, what do they want to know about and why would they be interested in your story?


2. ‘Think digital’

Effective writing for digital channels requires a bit of extra thought. Break up your paragraphs, keep sentences short and make good use of subheadings and formatting to help the reader digest content on small screens.


3. Follow the format

Every article needs a headline (5-10 words) and a short introduction (10-30 words). These will be visible on the menu pages and should provide a flavour of your article. It takes around five seconds for readers to decide whether your article is of interest to them, so getting the headline and introduction right is vital. Use them to provide a reason to read on.


4. Keep it short!

Aim for under 300 words. If people can’t read your article in under two minutes, it’s too long! Linking to further source material is a good way of providing added detail without cluttering up your copy.


5. Front-load the most interesting content

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, a well-written article gives readers permission not to read to the end. Put your most interesting ideas at the start as you never know when people might stop or get distracted.


6. Clarity is king

You are not trying to win literary prizes so avoid complex language and long sentences. Simple, concise sentences work best – especially because many of our readers do not have English, Italian or German as their first language.


7. Keep it conversational

We use One UniCredit to share stories about our colleagues, customers and communities. These are real or human stories and our tone of voice needs to reflect that. So avoid corporate cliches and overly-formal language. But don’t be too chatty or use text-speak and emojis.


8. A picture says a thousand words

A strong image draws the reader in and makes them more likely to read your article. Think about whether you can provide us with a good image. If not, feel free to include image ideas alongside your article.


9. Variety gives your article va-va-voom!

Quotes, facts, examples and stories all help to make an article more interesting, so mix it up a bit. Similarly, redirecting readers to related content on the site helps keep them engaged.


10. Read it before you submit

Don’t agonise over every word but do try to read your article with fresh eyes before you submit it. Or better still, ask a friend or colleague to read it.


Our mission statement

One UniCredit brings our people, customers and communities together in one place. We want to keep all of our stakeholders up-to-date with what’s going on within the Group and share stories that inspire us and help us to always Do the Right Thing!