24 July 2020

You might not be able to go abroad but you can still be a tourist. Rediscover your own cities... go to that special place you haven’t gone to in years or one you’ve never had time to visit before. Then share your experiences with your colleagues!

2:00 Min

Summer has arrived for everyone and, apart from those dreaded noon heat spikes, it is an energising time for sport, outdoor fun and, you guessed it, tourism!

Indeed, summer is a great time to explore and discover some new places that we have never seen before. So why not take the chance that this unique summer is giving us to get to know your own city and share it with colleagues from all over the Group?

  1. Take a picture in your favourite spot in your city.
  2. Send in your contribution with a brief description and the reason why you chose that place to onebank@unicredit.eu
  3. Copy three colleagues inviting them to do the same and…

…you may find your Staycation moment live on One UniCredit!

It really is great to fall in love with amazing spots on the far side of the world, but it is even better to find out that there is one around the corner that you didn’t even know existed!

What type of tourist are you? Do you like adventure or culture? Activity or relaxation?

Show us with a picture or video from your favourite landscape, museum, monument or park, whilst getting inspired by the rest of the participants.

Who knows? The Staycation attitude might just help find you a destination for your next trip!

Before sending your contribution, please read and sign our privacy notice pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 13 and 14 GDPR to give consent for the processing of your personal data. Your contribution and the privacy notice should be sent to onebank@unicredit.eu