14 July 2020

Summertime is coming! Get ready for the sun, the picnics and tons of ice cream… but how to make the best of all these things whilst staying healthy and safe? Whatever your plans are, find here five simple tips to help you and your kids do so and be happy during this Summer!

2:00 Min

1 Social distancing

Teaching our kids to maintain a safe and healthy distance from others is important. This year more than ever it is recommended to avoid crowded places and to take precautions with air-con inside closed spaces. If you are concerned, why not setting up assigned play areas for children in specific locations in the house and letting them participate in creating their own spaces? Outdoor family activities like picnics or bike riding are also fun and allow you to stay away from the crowds!

2 Heatstroke

Long and direct exposure to sunlight can lead to sunstroke, which may in turn bring serious consequences. Look for breezy areas in the shade and try to stay as little as possible in the open during the hottest hours of the day.

Whenever possible, dress your kids in cooling clothes that prevent sweat from evaporating easily and maintain their bodies at the right temperature.

3 Dehydration

Keeping our kids out of direct sunlight isn’t always enough, as they can still suffer from dehydration whilst staying in the shade, especially if they are engaging in physical activities and sweating a lot. Always keep water at hand and take regular breaks. Make sure your kids drink water before, during, and after such activities: don’t wait for them to tell you they are thirsty!


4 Bug bites

The hot and humid season is also the prime time for bugs. Beware of mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and other insects. Keep a bottle of bug spray always with you and be vigilant when the kids are playing outside. Try to stay away from areas where mosquitoes are prone to nest or assemble, such as small pools of water. Dress your children in long-sleeve shirts and long pants if you’re going to spend time in places where mosquitoes can’t be avoided.

5 Safety near water

When the weather turns hot, we grab our bathing suits and get into the water, which is a pleasant yet also potentially dangerous element that kids and adults alike must respect. Teach the little ones about ocean tides and currents, along with poolside safety and waterpark guidelines to keep everyone safe. Always watch your family members closely when they’re in or near any water source, no matter what their swimming skills are. Even kids who know how to swim can be at risk of drowning, so maximize precautions to avoid stress and guarantee that you have the best time with your dearest ones!