28 July 2020

Summer is here and it’s time to head to the beach - don’t forget to use plenty of sunscreen! Here are five games and activities for everyone to enjoy!

2:00 Min

1 Build sandcastles

First, only use wet sand for the entire construction process. Be sure to build a strong foundation so your castle doesn’t topple over. The only tools necessary for this activity are a bucket for hauling sea water, a shovel for digging, and simple wooden tools to help carve and straighten walls, towers, doors and windows. Or you could just use your hands! Get creative by incorporating sticks, rocks or shells to your castle – whatever you can find! 

2 Collect seashells

You can find seashells on any beach. Take a stroll along the shore and collect shells of different colours, shapes and sizes. Then have your kids separate the shells by type or size – this is especially fun for younger age groups.

3 Go snorkelling

Bring snorkelling gear for an underwater adventure with the family. Try a game and see how many sea creatures you can identify. If your kids are snorkelling for the first time, follow these guidelines on finding a mask that is comfortable and leak-proof. Be careful that you or your children’s mask doesn’t fog up – follow these techniques for a fog-free snorkelling experience.

4 Play beach volleyball

The classic game is back – just draw lines in the sand and start the match. For a fun variation, take the game to the seashore and play in ankle or knee-deep water. Just make sure you have plenty of space as you dive for the ball. Fun fact: beach volleyball started in the early 1920s in Santa Monica, California, and has been an Olympic sport for the past 24 years.


5 Do a shoreline scavenger hunt

Make a list of items to be found, such as feathers, driftwood, coral or sea glass and pebbles. Start on one end of the beach and begin the hunt! Collect all the items in a bag and whoever has the most items from the list wins the scavenger hunt. You could even get your kids to make up a shipwreck story with pirates and castaways using the foraged items.