21 July 2020

Whether you are trying to beat the heat or escape summer thunderstorms, here are five home activities to do with your kids

2:00 Min

1 Do a jigsaw puzzle together

As well as giving our kids a break from screen time, puzzles area great way to exercise our brains, improving our mental capacity through problem-solving skills. They also help improve early developmental phases of visual and spatial reasoning. Remember to follow the instructions and choose age-appropriate puzzles for your little ones

2 Try out origami

Origami is a novel family activity – all you need is a few pieces of colourful paper and your imagination (and a YouTube video would help). Have a blast creating paper figurines of all shapes and designs to decorate rooms, shelves, or even to hang from ceilings. Origami improves hand-eye coordination, memory, concentration, and patience.

3 Throw a tea party

Whether it’s princess or spaceship-themed, enjoy an afternoon tea party with your kids, surrounded by dolls and stuffed animals as their esteemed guests. Take the time to write out invitation cards for the aforementioned guests and set up a proper tea table with little treats and delicious sandwiches for everyone to enjoy. Then let their imagination run wild!

4 Make eco-friendly crafts

Make recycling fun by doing arts and crafts using common household or reclaimed items. Making picture frames, bookends, toys or room decorations is a fun way to involve kids in repurposing items that otherwise would end up in the bin. 

5 Build a terrarium

A terrarium is similar to an aquarium, but with land instead of water. Take a glass jar, large or small, and fill it with soil, rocks and plants to create your own mini forest. Add figurines, small statues, or whatever your kids want and watch their very own ecosystem grow and evolve.