02 July 2020

Eight million tons of plastic pollute our land and oceans every year, endangering animals and destroying ecosystems. Here are five ways to reduce plastic consumption and your impact on the environment

2:00 min

1 Choose sustainable shopping bags

We all know that single-use plastic bags have a negative impact on the environment. In many countries, they are being replaced by biodegradable, reusable bags – which are cheaper, easier to carry and reduce plastic waste.

2 Ditch the plastic water bottles

Choose colourful and reusable glass or aluminium bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles. Whether you are going out for a run or heading to the mall, with a reusable bottle you can stay ahead of the trends.

3 Refill your detergent bottles

Using your cleaning products’ bottles only once is a real waste. Nowadays, there are many supermarkets that let you refill empty detergent bottles; try doing your bit to save the planet by bringing yours along next time you shop!

4 Avoid disposable dinnerware

Plastic plates and glasses may seem like a good idea for hassle-free picnics or house parties. Remember that they use toxic chemicals such as polystyrene, which is harmful to both the human body and our planet.

5 Be conscientious about food packaging

Today, we are faced with so much choice when we go to the supermarket but buying in bulk or choosing items with biodegradable coatings while grocery shopping can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.