02 December 2020

With the festive season just around the corner and social distancing rules still in place, here are a few thoughtful ways to show our friends, family, colleagues and communities that we care

2:00 Min

1 Provide virtual companionship

Self-isolation can be lonely for anyone. However, physical isolation does not mean social disconnection. New studies by Cambridge University show that daily virtual get-togethers and regular online catch-up sessions can significantly alleviate the feelings of loneliness and the physical and mental repercussions that come with it. Reach out to elderly neighbours and touch base with your grandparents through video chat. Small acts of kindness help the people we care about feel less alone and find social support.

2 Be generous with your time

If you know someone in self-isolation or who needs to limit their public interactions, reach out to them and provide a helping hand. Whether it’s delivering medical supplies to neighbours or buying groceries for colleagues, a small amount of your time can be a big help to someone needing support.

3 Sharing is caring

Many people around us are struggling financially due to Covid-19 disruptions. Learn how to organise fundraising events to support friends and neighbours in need of help to sustain their families. Aid frontline workers by donating to the World Health Organization Solidarity Fund or other local organisations to ensure Covid-19 patients and medical staff get the essential care and supplies they need. Foodbanks are also a high priority right now, consider a donation.


4 Shop locally

Choose to shop locally to help neighbourhood businesses get through these difficult times – for example, you could order a lunch delivery from a nearby café or restaurant to treat your colleagues who are having a tough workday! For more ideas, browse here.

5 Keep communication lines open

Days can be long without family and friends and, sometimes, a heartfelt chat is all we need to face the challenges ahead. Be available to those around you by offering a listening ear. Help circulate accurate news updates and stop the spread of misinformation. Although it may be stormy now, the rain cannot last forever.