11 December 2020

buddybank and TIDAL end the weekly music show with more young talents and high hopes for the music industry

2:00 Min

Niente Di Strano is a weekly livestream music project from buddybank and TIDAL, which last week recorded more than 500,000 views.

Last night the presenter and project creator Carlo Pastore hosted the final event, live from Alcatraz Club in Milan, with record breaking rapper Ernia, Roman duo Psicologi and young singer-songwriter Ariete.

The duo Psicologi, formed by Drast and Lil Kaneki, opened the evening. Since the beginning of their career, they have been performing on exceptional Italian stages: MI AMI Festival, Goa-Boa Festival and Milano Music Week. Last September they released the single Tatuaggi in collaboration with the singer Arianna del Giaccio, aka Ariete.

Second on stage 17-year old Ariete, already known for her participation in the X Factor auditions. Avid about music since she was very young, Ariete has a passion for singing and playing the guitar that started in church. She is self-taught and has been inspired by Italian Indie artists such as Gazzelle, De Andrè, Guccini and Lucio Dalla.

The evening ended with Ernia. A rapper born in 1993 who has just celebrated a double platinum album thanks to the sale of over 120,000 copies of Superclassico, last summer’s smash hit. He boasts collaborations with Ghali, Maite, Sfera Ebbasta and always stuns for his love towards literature, quoting authors such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Baudelaire, Ernest Hemingway, Harper Lee and Stephen King.

Watch the recording of last night’s session here.

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