29 December 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, let’s rewind and take a look back at our five most popular articles of the year. Happy reading!

2:00 Min

10 Golden Rules

This article highlights ten social distancing procedures and guidelines to protect our colleagues, customers, and ourselves. We offer practical advice on how to stay safe and act responsibly when conducting day-to-day business activities. Click here for a friendly reminder on how to make public safety a priority, by favouring online meetings, exercising proper sanitary hand washing, face mask regulations, and work lunch etiquette,.

How to Say “NO”

In a new remote working environment, many feel the pressure to always say “yes”, even when we don’t have the capacity. This leads to quick burnouts, lower productivity levels, and performance failures. Saying “no” often makes us feel awkward, guilty, or like we are letting people down and therefore damaging relationships. However, saying “no” is a skill, and this article provides five tips on how to do so with sound reasoning, confidence, and conviction. Click here to find out how.

Have a Spa at Home with Elkette!

Who doesn’t love a nice spa day? While an indulgent full-body massage may not be possible right now, there are a few ways Elkette guarantees relaxation and recovery time by re-creating the spa experience at home. Start by hanging a eucalyptus branch in your shower to infuse a soothing and calming scent released from its natural oils. Treat yourself to a fruit-infused drink for a luxurious spa feel. Finally, light some candles and run yourself a bubble bath as you soak your troubles away. For more home-spa recipes and the link to the article, click here.

Being Smart about Smart Working

Don’t work harder, work smarter! Remo Taricani, Co-CEO of Commercial Banking Italy, shares practical smart working techniques and best practices to achieve optimal output while maintaining a work-life balance. He suggests that the benefits of smart working can only be achieved through three pre-conditions. You want to find out what they are? click here!

Cooking with UniCredit: “Pasta con la Roba”

Manrico Lucchi wows us with his multitasking kitchen skills. While juggling emails and smart working, he guides us through a delicious “Pasta con la Roba” or “Pasta with Stuff” recipe. Using fresh Mediterranean ingredients, such as olives, garlic, and capers, this spectacular and wonderfully easy dish is a quick way to get lunch on the table for everyone to enjoy. Discover the video-tutorial, along with the list of ingredients and recipe details here. Buon appetito!