15 December 2020

The holiday season is around the corner. If you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, don’t despair, we’ve got you covered! Browse through this guide of unique and age-appropriate gift ideas to delight and impress everyone on your list. Let’s get started!

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1 Gift ideas for toddlers

Since experts agree that playtime is an essential part of young children’s development, toys encouraging motor coordination, creativity, role-playing, and language skills make for fantastic gift options. The Good Housekeeping Institute specialises in testing commercial toys for safety, durability, and design components to ensure they have the right skill-building attributes. Check out their 25 best toys that bring both educational value and fun entertainment into playtime.

2 Gift ideas for kids

With the start of primary school, children are cognitively ready for new and exciting activities, including reading books, writing stories, playing music instruments, or trying out sports. At this age, a child’s skills and interests quickly evolve; hence, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to gift-giving. Our suggestion is to look for presents that are tailored specifically to the child’s age. Browse through New York Magazine’s ultimate gift guide for kids to find a “Toy Matrix” for each age group, categorising ideas by their price and educational purpose.

3 Gift ideas for teens

Teenagers are the trickiest category, as it is difficult to gauge the coolest trends or hottest picks on the market. Business Insider compiles a list of 50 gift ideas for teens and pre-teens, advising us to stick to the fun and latest tech gadgets, such as mini projectors, shower speakers, or smartphone-controlled airplanes. For more personalised gift ideas, browse here for customisable room décor and cool DIY kits.

4 Gift ideas for adults

With the shift to remote working this year, the best gift ideas revolve around making our living spaces a more comfortable and versatile environment. From home office devices to artisanal tea collections, from smart gadgets to self-care treatments, or from home fitness and health to best cookware ideas, there’s a gift to surprise everyone on your list. If the options feel overwhelming, browse here to discover the most popular Christmas gifts for the 2020 holidays.

5 Gift ideas for seniors

In these uncertain times, it’s important to remind our elderly loved ones that we are thinking of them during this holiday season. There’s no better way to do this than a thoughtful Christmas gift to make them feel special. For example, a personalised photo album or memory book would help them leaf through the past adventures you had together. PhotoBox offers customisable options with creative designs, hand-written messages, and decorative touches for digital or hardcopy memory books. For other elderly-approved gift ideas, browse here for more recommendations.