21 December 2020

A festive Christmas table is a must, whether you’re entertaining one person, or hosting all the family. We've put together the best ideas for feasting, toasting, and merrymaking for a memorable – if different to normal – Christmas season

2:00 Min

1. Choose a theme

For an elegant and classic look, stick to a red, white, and green palette to celebrate the season's colours, adding birch branches and pops of red berries to your table. If you're looking for something modern yet rustic, opt for a farmhouse feel with woodsy accessories, such as pine branches, cinnamon sticks, and exposed wood. If you're going for an upscale and classy look, pair gold and copper over crisp white table linen. For a twist on the traditional, add shades of  wintery blue with white or silver ornamental pieces.

2. Behold the centrepiece

At the core of every great Christmas table is a centrepiece. From floating candles to lush garlands, and terrariums to Christmas lights, the design options are endless. Be creative and make your own centrepieces to your preferred palette and unique style. These DIY holiday ideas should give you some inspiration!

3. Get your table settings right

There are a few rules to remember when hosting a formal dinner. Formal dining means starting with cutlery from the outside and progressing towards the inside as the meal ensues. Knives and spoons should be set to the right and forks to the left of the plate. In terms of glassware, the water glass sits above the dinner knife, white wine glass to its right, and red wine glass placed top center. For more clarity on etiquette dining, click here.

4. Set up a drinks station

A dedicated beverage corner helps save space on the table, while allowing guests to help themselves to drinks throughout the meal. You could even set up a hot and cold beverage display, with one end of the station offering hot cocoa and apple cider and the other showcasing a holiday punch. For more Christmas-inspired drink ideas, browse these recipes.

5. Table setting no no's

There aren't many "don't dos" when it comes to decorating your Christmas table, but to keep things simple, choose a warm, elegant, and inviting theme that will both wow and welcome your dinner guests – something like these five general guidelines will perfectly set the scene for your festive feast. Happy holidays!