16 December 2020

Most of us wish it could be Christmas every day – but not the planet. High and uncontrolled consumption patterns escalate carbon emissions, leading to irreversible climate change. Consider giving responsible gifts with the environment in mind for a guilt-free 2020 holiday season

2:00 Min

1 Eco-home ideas

Sustainable appliances are a great way to protect the environment, while also being unique and practical holiday gifts. Electric food composters use aeration, heat, and pressure to reduce food waste, and unpleasant odor for a greener, cleaner, fresher kitchen. Browse through these chic and elegant designs that make composting look fashionable for any kitchen.

2 Opt for green cooking recipes

Lockdown and remote working restrictions also mean more home-cooked meals. A new Hunter study suggests that for many, Covid-19 has re-ignited the joy of cooking at home. Zero-waste cookbooks are a thoughtful and useful gift for friends or family (or both!)

3 Try ethical comfort

The textile industry is wreaking havoc on the environment with harmful chemicals, wasteful processes, and below-standard working conditions. Give sustainably made, warm, eco-sy WFH loungewear and house slippers—because you can be green in any colour.

4 Indulge in natural and organic skincare

The beauty industry generates a startling amount of packaging waste, and rinse-off toxins slip through water treatment plants,  ending up in the oceans. Pamper everyone on your shopping list with eco-friendly sustainable beauty and skincare lines. Browse this list of cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty brands for the best Christmas presents.

5 Choose Fairtrade treats

No holiday season is complete without a box of chocolates. Treat your dear ones to ethical delights that support small farmers, promote safe and legal production practices, and foster sustainable growing methods. Browse here for the ten best ethical chocolate brands that go the extra mile.