08 December 2020

Handmade Christmas decorations will make the holidays feel even more special. These DIY ideas require few and easy-to-find materials to help you design your own ornaments, wreaths, stockings, and more. Get the whole family involved for a fun and festive arts and crafts session. Happy crafting!

2:00 Min

1 Christmas wreaths

No front door is complete without a beautifully decorated wreath. As people in the 16th century were pruning and trimming branches to shape the perfect Christmas tree, the excess greenery pieces were made into decorative wreaths. This year, why not make your own to match the décor and style of your home Follow these fun designs for your own twist.

2 Holiday stockings

There’s nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to a stocking. Store-bought stockings can be spruced up to match your children’s – or your – personal taste and style. From Santa-inspired to fur-flannel stockings, click here to make your own for over the fireplace, under the tree, or the end of the bed!

3 Make your home smell like Christmas

Everyone has their favourite holiday fragrance, whether it’s fresh evergreens, mulled wine, warm cinnamon, or roasted chestnuts. Opt for more natural ways to make your home smell like the holidays meaning cleaner air and longer-lasting scents. For a winter forest smell, try decorating the Christmas tree with fresh pinecones and cinnamon sticks, or simmer a handful of pine needles, berries, and cloves in water on the stove. For more inspiration, here are 10 natural ways to enhance your home fragrance to welcome the holidays.

4 Festive tree ornaments

At Christmas, the centre of every home is a beautifully decorated tree. Try a making handmade ornaments for a tree full of memories as well as gifting them to friends and family or using them for other decorations around the house. In terms of materials, try out wood, clay, glass, tinsel, or even terrariums, as the possibilities are endless. Click here for more ideas and guides to make your own festive ornaments.

5 Handmade holiday cards

This year, cards will bring Christmas cheer as we spend the holidays in lockdown. Have fun making beautiful and handmade designs tailored with personal messages to send to family and friends. Use watercolours, fabric pieces, wooden chips, or even tissue paper. Here are 40 beautiful cards to inspire you to send season’s greetings to your loved ones.