23 December 2020

Christmas games are an entertaining and memorable way to make the season brighter. We’ve hand-selected five great holiday-themed activities to help you (virtually) spread the Christmas cheer

2:00 Min

1. Name that Christmas tune

A a guessing game full of holiday songs and anthems is guaranteed to get everyone’s attention. To start the game, play the first five seconds of a popular (or unpopular) song and see who guesses it first. The person or team who guesses the correct answer firstwins the round. Keep on singing holiday tunes for a night of caroling with these 50 timeless Christmas songs for an unforgettable evening.

2. White elephant gift exchange

Instead of buying gifts for one another, set a budget, have everyone buy a different gift, and place the presents in a single pile on Christmas day. Sit around the gifts in a circle, and each person grabs a gift at random. Players can either open a new gift from the pile or steal from another player. For the list of rules (although feel free to make up your own), here’s a quick and easy instruction manual to follow.

3. Holiday movie trivia

Set up a list of questions on, and whichever team with the most correct answers wins the game. Here are 99 Christmas movie trivia questions related to holiday film classics and blockbuster hits to get you started. For more inspiration, here’s a trivia maker to help generate more Christmas questions for a fun virtual holiday party.

4. Christmas charades

The rules are simple: without saying a single word, a player must act out a book, film, song lyric, or any other category while his or her team members guess what it is. Whoever guesses the word or phrase correctly wins the round and steps forward to act out the next one. All you need is a timer, something to keep score, and ideas for players to act out. To get you started, here is a list of words and expressions for a festive game of virtual charades.

5. Holiday-themed scavenger hunt

To entertain your kids while preparing the Christmas feast, why not set up a holiday-themed scavenger hunt . Download and print out one of these lists and let the children search the house for Christmas items, such as stockings, candy cane, snow globes, or a deer-shaped ornament. The prize could be a plate of cookies or extra candy in their stockings, or better yet, another game.