14 August 2020

Summer is here! Have a look at these outside-the-box travelling tips from our buddybank team! Remember to travel responsibly

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1 Mystery Tour

Looking for a carefree trip but don’t have time to plan it? Craving celebrating a special occasion with a surprise element but don’t know where to go?

If you can’t invest time and energy into looking for the best deal, you should look at a ‘surprise’ option. There are some travel agencies offering meticulously planned holidays which are a complete surprise for the traveller. Enter your budget, dates and travel preferences and you will receive an e-mail with the weather forecast and useful information about what to pack in your luggage. And away you go! Just remember to check local travel restrictions.

2 Campervan life

Nature, camping and pure relaxation? A good way to enjoy your holidays could be a Motorhome option! Cheap, flexible and safe, holidays with a camper are ideal for those who don’t want to go too far but enjoy the company of their family 24/7. Especially for those travelling in groups, a camper van can actually be extremely functional, both for the convenience of travel and for saving on hotels. Find the proper model for your needs on platforms such as The Indiecampers or Yescapa, rental platforms with motorhomes and itineraries in Italy and Europe. Find your solution and enjoy the road!

3 Self-drive

According to British magazine Travel Weekly, 2020 is the year of self-drive travel: road trips by car or even on a motorcycle! Usually including beautiful and unforgettable routes, a self-drive trip allows you to visit as many places as you want according to your own schedule, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. “Freedom” is the slogan!

4 Sailing

2020 could be the year to enjoy a sailing holiday with your closest friends or family – or both! This summer, beaches might be a bit more restrictive than usual to visit or even busier if that’s possible; so renting a boat could be the right solution to spend a few days on the water. An exclusive space, the possibility to swim and sunbathe without any restrictions, while looking for beautiful and isolated bays and islands, all in the name of conscious and nature-friendly tourism. Without losing the sense of adventure that such a trip can give, choosing to sail the sea this year also means safety. There are several platforms in which you can find the boat of your dreams, such as Sailsquare or Sailogy – skippers included!

5 Hiking

Sportier holidaymakers can trek and hike in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. A spectacular idea is the Mont-Blanc Tour: one of the most famous hikes in the Alps. 170km by foot, in an extraordinary and unforgettable journey between Italy, Switzerland and France. Sixty hours of walking and 10,000 meters of altitude! Although this may make you apprehensive, the route is accessible to most intermediate hikers. We suggest dividing the journey into 10/12 stages to fully enjoy the breathtaking landscape.


The Buddybank team know how to support their customers! Thanks to the lifestyle concierge included for all Buddybank Love customersclients can rely on a lifestyle assistant who is also a tour operator, available 24/7. These great tips could make life more fun!

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, please make sure to always check government advice for updates before travelling.