24 August 2020

Re-discover some not-to-be-missed advice to help stay focused and enhance your self-development skills

2:00 Min

During the past months we have focused on the new ways of working and providing useful advice on how to survive and thrive in this new environment. We have shared tips and suggestions regarding different aspects of productivity and self-development… even from a distance! 


The average adult reads between 200 – 300 words per minute with an estimated 10 – 20 percent retention rate; it’s time to discover how to retain more from what you read. Not just reading tips, but speaking tips too: find out here how to beat the public speaking fear by learning five golden rules to master it. Speaking is not always carried out in public; small talk is an important gateway to build future connections, relationships friendships and business partners too. 


If your conversation skills are a little rusty, here are some tips to get started!