20 August 2020

In this article we provide you with a few tricks and some useful exercises to help you focus on YOU – some nice challenges to do at home!

2:00 Min

We’ve all heard about mindfulness, a series of techniques which can help us dedicate some time to ourselves, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed by anxiety to try it. Read here for five simple exercises to calm your mind

Physical activity can be challenging to do at home: space is limited, there is no gym equipment, and sitting on the sofa and watching TV is a strong temptation…but here are five tips on how to stay fit using what you have at home. Why not look at how UniCredit colleagues from across our Group have been keeping fit during lockdown. In other words, Plank you very much!

Finally, whether you do them from your own living room, in the park or at the beach, these training circuits are guaranteed to make you sweat and help you hit your daily fitness goals!