28 August 2020

During lockdown, many of us embraced or re-discovered a deep passion for gardening

2:00 Min

There are several benefits of taking care of plants:  it’s an opportunity to be outdoors, and a good way of being physically challenged while staying within your own home.

Take a look at some suggestions to cultivate your passion for home gardening and don’t miss out on our five tips for taking care of them.

After this, you might want to take it to the next level by creating your own herb garden. Make a start by clearing a small space, choosing your favourite herbs, and planting them to start this rewarding experience.

Before jetting off on your summer vacation, it’s essential to make sure your houseplants will be properly taken care of. Discover a few innovative solutions to keep your plants healthy and hydrated while you’re away. With just a few household items, it’s easy to be green-fingered!