11 August 2020

Before jetting off on summer vacation, it’s essential to make sure your houseplants will be properly tended to

2:00 Min

Before jetting off on summer vacation, it’s essential to make sure your houseplants will be properly tended to. It’s important to remember that some plants require more watering and TLC than others. We’ve listed a few innovative solutions to keep your plants healthy and hydrated while you’re away, using household items!


Plastic bottles

Without routine monitoring, plants that need watering the most become particularly vulnerable. Take an empty plastic bottle and puncture small holes in the sides and bottom. Dig a hole in the soil and place the punctured bottle inside, standing the right way up, then water your plant thoroughly. Fill up the bottle with water and screw on the cap to keep the water from evaporating. The water will slowly seep out of the bottle and this will keep your plant well hydrated for the next four to six days.

Wine bottles

If you are against using single-use plastic water bottles, the wine bottle method is a fantastic alternative. This technique also applies to plants that need frequent watering. Take an empty bottle of wine (make sure it’s with a screw top, not a cork), and pierce a few small holes in the cap. Fill the wine bottle with water and screw the cap back on. Dig a hole in the pot and place the wine bottle upside down in the soil, allowing water to drip out of the holes in the cap. This will keep your houseplant hydrated for the next five to six days. Click here to get a visual illustration of the process.



For plants that need a moderate amount of watering, a wick drip system is the way to go. Take some string or rope, submerge one end in a container filled with water and the other end into the pot of the plant. The capillaries in the fibres of the rope will transfer water from the container into the soil. Make sure the mouth of the container of water is above the base of the plant. Depending on how long you will be away, adjust the size of the water container accordingly. Using several cotton strings, you can utilise the same water container to funnel multiple plants at the same time. For more instructions, click here to try out the technique at home.



For houseplants that do not require much TLC, such as succulents and cacti, set up a plant saucer to maintain their moisture levels. Grab a saucer that is slightly larger in size than the plant, fill it up with water and set it under the pot. The plant should have a drainage component at the bottom in order for the soil to suck up the water. This method will keep your succulents well-nourished for a few days while you’re on holiday.


Using these simple DIY watering techniques, you’ll never come home to dead plants again. Enjoy your summer getaway!