26 August 2020

Having a good night’s sleep is important for your well-being and professional performance. The secret is preparation: here are five tips for a better bedtime routine

2:00 Min

1 Move!

Post-work, avoid just slumping onto the sofa. Sitting for extended periods causes poor posture and neck pain but it can also cause cardiovascular diseases. Some even say that prolonged periods of sitting down (only in English) is more harmful than smoking. Try to include a short workout in your evening routine to boost your cardiovascular system. You can find more tips on OneUniCredit or watch fitness videos provided by Bank Austria. Finish your training session one or two hours before going to bed, so that your body has enough time to cool down and prepare for sleep.

2 Small portions

Eating the right foods in your evening routine means you don’t put as much strain on your digestive system, which can impair your sleep quality. Eat small portions and be mindful of what kind of food you eat in the evening. Here is an overview (only in German) of what you should and should not eat in the evening or take a look at 12 healthy foods that can be eaten in the evening (only in English).

3 No screens before bed

Whether you sit in front of your computer screen at work or browse social media platforms on your smartphone at home in the evening, your eyes and brain are constantly working at full speed. And it is precisely this habit that prevents you from switching off mentally. So separate yourself from your electronic devices in good time before bed. Why not read a book instead?

4 Drink herbal teas

Is the caffeine kick of a cup of coffee important to you? What helps you during the day, can be counterproductive later on. The result could be restless or sleepless nights. Instead, try relaxing infusions such as chamomile or ginger tea.

5 Leave work at the office

In order to keep a healthy work-life balance, you need a break from work. Try to resist the temptation of working overtime at home in the evening. Instead, think about drawing, cooking, playing an instrument or even a relaxing sports session to wind down. Your favourite activities will not only help you to switch off, but also encourage your creativity and personal growth.