03 August 2020

Hot summer days call for creative ideas to cool down. Try these water games and enjoy the time with your kids in your backyard, at a local park, an outdoor pool or at the beach

2:00 Min

1 DIY bubbles

Children love playing with bubbles. Make it more fun by creating your own soapy mix and bubble wands using common household supplies. You can involve your kids in the process, teaching them basic skills of simple math while measuring and mixing ingredients. To make longer lasting bubbles, try adding glycerine and corn syrup to the solution.

2 Water balloons

Whether you are planning water balloon games for a kid’s summer camp or just need something to do on a hot afternoon, here are three ultimate water balloon games for all ages.

First, a good old-fashioned water balloon fight – simply form two teams, fill large balloons with water, knot them, and hit as many players on the opposing team as you can. 

Second, water balloon hot potato – catch and throw the water balloons as fast as possible, while moving farther apart from each other with each throw.

Third, water balloon pinatas – tie water balloons to a clothesline or tree branches, then take turns hitting the balloons with a stick or bat while blindfolded.

3 Water guns

Go for the classic water gun fight. You will need a water gun for each player to let the super-soaking fun begin. If you and your kids take water gun battles seriously, choose a water gun with the longest range, as soaking people from a distance will give you the upper hand. 

4 Ice cube painting

Summertime also calls for outdoor ice painting. You need only two things: food colouring and water. Grab an empty ice tray, dab a little food colouring into each cup, add water and place in the freezer until frozen.

5 Water bucket relay

Relay games are easy to organise and especially great for larger groups. Form at least two teams, each one aligned in a row and place buckets at the beginning and at the end of each row. For each row, fill one bucket with water and keep the other one empty. Using a cup or small container, each team must fill the empty bucket with water from the other. The first team to do so wins the race!