07 August 2020

The last thing you want to be doing on a boiling hot day is turning the oven or stove on but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the prospect of a delicious meal!

2:00 Min

Hot days call for no-cook and no-bake recipes. These are our suggestions, we look forward to receiving pictures of your attempts at onebank@unicredit.eu!

1 DIY salad in a jar

Mason jar salads are a great way to enjoy salads in the summer – especially since the jars help keep your greens from wilting in the heat! To get started, add in a layer of light salad dressing, such as a lemon or balsamic vinaigrette, at the bottom of a 750-ml or 900-ml mason jar.

Next, chop up and add firmer veggies, such as carrots, bell peppers, cucumber and tomatoes. Third, toss in ingredients that have the potential to get soggy faster, such as mushrooms and corn. The fourth layer requires more delicate items such as boiled eggs or crumbly feta cheese. Last but not least, add your base such as leafy greens, quinoa or rice at the top. 

2 Veggie noodles

Try this no-cook zucchini noodle recipe for a refreshing summertime meal. Raw zucchini noodles are packed with vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. Expert tip: salt and rinse the noodles after spiralising and then pat dry to avoid a watery dish.

3 Gazpacho

For all the soup lovers: fear not, there’s a special summer edition for you! Originating from Andalucia in Spain, gazpacho is an emulsion of red tomato juice, fresh cucumber and golden olive oil. The dish has an orange-pink colour with a smooth and creamy texture and is typically served chilled. Throw all the ingredients together and blend – try this fail-proof recipe for a refreshing summer dish.

4 Ceviche and tartare

A tartare is usually served raw, drizzled with light seasonings and fashioned into a mould. Tuna tartare, for example, is a popular summer choice. Ceviche, on the other hand, uses citrus in the dish’s marinade to “partially cook” the fish. Originating from South America, ceviche comes in a variety of flavours and textures. Click here for the five best summer ceviche recipes. For the non-seafood eaters, try these tasty vegetable ceviche dishes as an alternative.

5 Everything watermelon

Watermelon is an incredibly diverse ingredient. Watermelon slices combined with chopped cucumber and crumbly feta cheese topped with olive oil and mint leaves make a superb summer salad. For dessert, make a 5-minute watermelon sorbet by blending chunks of watermelon in a food processor with fresh lime juice, then freezing overnight for a refreshing kick. From salads to frozen treats, browse through these simple recipes to discover watermelon’s summer versatility