Putting our kids to sleep after a long day can be exhausting…especially for the parents! Try out these five calming techniques to make bedtime with your children a little easier for everyone

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Involving kids in relaxing activities right before bedtime can make the process of them going to sleep a little less of a warzone and a lot more of an enjoyable experience. Remember that each child is different in what works best to calm them down, so you may need to try a few different methods before you succeed. Try these five calming techniques to make bedtime a little easier for everyone. 

1 Pick matching pyjamas

Wearing the same pyjamas as your child will make the act of going to bed a fun dress-up game. Tap into your child’s imagination by pretending you are both astronauts going to sleep after a long day of space exploration. Or you could be the royal family getting ready to tuck into bed at your glorious palace after a long night of dancing at the royal ball. You could even pretend to be animals from the forest, such as bears or wolves, preparing to sleep after a long day of hunting. 

2 Play a bedtime game

The key to a good pre-bedtime game, in which your child ends up relaxed and ready to sleep, is to choose a game connected to the bed. For example, play one where you try to fit as many stuffed animals or dolls on the bed as possible, whilst moving slowly so as to not wake up the toys. Or try a quick game of quiet hide and seek with toys in the room, hiding them in different areas, like under blankets and pillows. This will help burn off any last energy the kids have while drawing them to bed.

3 Enjoy puzzle time

Puzzles are great for all ages, and can calm kids down before bed. They keep hands busy while calming minds, allowing the body to unwind and relax. You could even make your own DIY puzzles by drawing pictures, cutting them into shapes and assembling the pieces back together.

4 Do yoga and stretching

Nothing feels better than ending the day with a nice, big stretch. Do bedtime stretches with your children while listening to calm and relaxing music. Hold the stretches for at least 20 to 30 seconds, allowing your – and their – bodies time to slow down after a busy day. Follow these kid-friendly stretches for your next bedtime routine. To make things more interesting, have your child rename the yoga poses. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with!

5 Tell a bedtime story

A bedtime story is everyone’s favourite pastime. Whether you are reading a favourite book or making up a story as you go, it’s a great way to connect with your children and let their imaginations wander. Follow these guidelines on how to tell the most amazing tales, and you’ll be a master storyteller in no time!