Time 4 you

Thursday 02 April 2020

02 April 2020

Working from home offers two very different experiences for those who are on their own and those juggling work with kids. One UniCredit takes a closer look at both sides.

2:00 min

Most likely to THINK

If you are alone… “It’s really hard, doing this all by yourself

If you are with kids… “It’s really hard, doing this with the kids

Most likely to WANT

If you are alone… “Background noise and some human company

If you are with kids… “Time alone for some peace and quiet

What you want to READ

If you are alone… “Nothing else– you just want a conversation!

If you are with kids… “Anything except more homework!

When your BOSS calls…

If you are alone… “Oh no!

If you are with kids… “Oh no!

When you turn on the news

If you are alone… “Has it been two hours already? They might say something new. But maybe this isn’t so good for me. Let’s see social media”

If you are with kids… “What? Turn down the music. What? Not now. No, not later either. Oh never mind.” [Turns TV off] “Has anyone seen my phone?”

When your friend calls

If you are alone… “Happiness – ten minutes of pure social contact to just chat with my friend”

If you are with kids… “Happiness – ten minutes of pure social contact to just chat with my friend”

When your friend calls (with a backdrop of shouting, crying and repeated questions)

If you are alone… “Maybe I’m not so badly off, after all”

If you are with kids… “I’m not alone!!”