23 April 2020

Keeping our house clean and tidy has always been important, but now it’s essential. Here are five ways to help you keep your house clean, whilst having fun!

2:00 min

Most of our days are now spent inside the bedroom, living room and kitchen. Keeping them clean and tidy will give you a sense of order and harmony that will positively be reflected on your mood! It can be difficult to organise housekeeping tasks efficiently: sometimes they are all given to one person or are poorly planned, often leading to a family quarrel! Now is the time to change habits and start to manage household activities better and with all family members.

If too much clutter is making it hard to keep clean and tidy, check out our guide to decluttering!

1 Make a weekly plan

By spreading tasks out over the week, you will only have to do a little something every day instead of dedicating a day to keeping the house clean. This means you will have more time to look after yourself. Minimum effort, best results!

2 Involve everyone!

Assign specific tasks to different members of the household, from the oldest to the youngest, based on their size and what you think they can manage: for example, ask your children to tidy up their clothes or clean their toys but if they are slightly older, perhaps they can sweep the floor or hang out the washing. Whenever possible, don’t forget to switch roles: this way, everyone will have to carry out both the difficult tasks and the easier ones , which combats monotony and everyone will feel proud of the final result.

3 Put some music on!

The right soundtrack can turn a tedious task into some fun that you can share with others. Turn up the volume, follow the beat, get creative: it takes very little to transform a broom into a guitar or a microphone, even if only for a moment! Here is a playlist you might like!

4 Work at the same time as each other

If possible, depending on commitments of all the family members, do the cleaning together. This is a simple tip that can make the effort mentally less stressful, and that allows you to benefit from each other’s help.

5 Don’t put off tasks that take less than 1 minute

For instance, wiping the table right after eating. By doing this, you will get rid of an easy task straight away and it won’t be added to your to-do list. Make sure that every family member respects this rule, and household activities will become even easier and will get done much quicker.