08 April 2020

More and more people find themselves working remotely with no clear sign of how long the situation will continue. Here are five thoughts on how to keep motivated.

2:00 min

1 Plan your time - including breaks

Try to stick to a schedule, including breaks, so that you are full focused when you are working. It’s important to resist staying connected at all times or working non-stop. Look at the working week as a whole and spread key activities and meetings to avoid highs and lows of activity.

2 Not everything needs to be a meeting

Fight the temptation to schedule meetings for everything that used to be a quick chat at the office. Sometimes these can end up taking people away from more important tasks. Trust yourself and your team members to stay committed and get their work done. Could you send a quick messages or email instead?

3 Every situation is different

With many people staying home with their children or elderly family members that may need care, flexibility and trust in the organisation of work are more important than ever.


4 We are in this together

Remember that if you need help or guidance, you can always speak to your colleagues or manager for support. The current situation is tough for people in different ways and we should all do our best to be understanding and be there for each other.

5 Celebrate the little things

Try to give positive feedback to others where possible and remember to celebrate your own progress too. Continue to notice the little things so we don’t get overwhelmed by what’s going on.