24 April 2020

Fed up with battling your kids over how much screen time they get? If you can’t beat them, join them. Here are five sources of online inspiration for you and your kids to learn new skills and have fun

2:00 min

1 Improve English

Why not download an app to help your children improve their English by playing and challenging their friends? For example Cambridge ESOL have developed Monkey Puzzles to help children practice English, both reading and listening. This app is suitable for both native and non-native speakers and it is free of charge.

2 Lace shoes with style

How many different ways do you know to tie your shoes up? More than twenty are shown here, so it’s time to have some fun and learn new ways before you get to show them off at the park!

3 Recycle with art

This could be the time to focus your children’s attention on sustainability whilst doing a fun activity. Children love arts and craft so teach them lots of fun ways to reuse objects that you would otherwise put in the recycling.

Save up toilet rolls, cover them in peanut butter, roll in bird seeds and hang them on the balcony or in the garden. Then sit back and wait a few hours for the birds to flock to these tasty treats.


4 Learn new words singing out loud

The YouTube channel Coccole Sonore is dedicated to children and their families. Animated videos and fun contributors can help your children discover the world through traditional and popular music. There are also videos with useful tips for mums and dads with topics ranging from wellness during pregnancy to nutrition.

5 Discover colours

It’s a sweet and magical moment when children discover colours and every possible way to mix them together. Here’s a simple way to help your child learn primary colours and how to mix them to make other ones. If you want to take it further, move from theory to practice by mixing colours with ice cubes!