24 April 2020

Colleagues from all over the Group have submitted more than 30 new songs to populate our #OneUniCredit playlist

2:00 Min

It really sounds that a great passion for music is something we all have in common! We received favorite tracks from Munich, Rome, Turin, Salzburg and Treviso and we still wait for all your new melodic suggestions.

Many of you asked us to include some milestones of music history such as All my loving by The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen’s Born to run and That’s life by Frank Sinatra.

Others dedicated their track to special activities: Viva la vida by Coldplay for your cooking moments, 8D tracks for the strongest fitness trainings and some chillout relaxing tunes to turn on during the Saturday aperitivo from your balcony.

We also received original tracks created and played directly by some colleagues who are musicians… and they sound so good!

Thanks to all of you for making our #OneUniCredit playlist unique and memorable! You can stream online to the updated playlist on YouTube and listen anywhere.

Help us expand it by suggesting new songs and share it with friends, relatives and colleagues, sending your ideas to onebank@unicreditgroup.eu