03 April 2020

Practicing social distancing is changing our daily routine and making relaxation more of a challenge. However, humans have always been exceptionally good at using their creativity and find solutions to difficult situations. Here are some examples of how people around the world are fighting back against boredom. Which one will you try first?

2:00 min

1 Noughts and crosses with your pet

People all around the world have started playing the popular game with pets, to varying degrees of success. Make sure you explain the rules properly, and be careful – some animals can be sore losers! 

2 A game of tennis

No court? No worries. You can easily bat a ball around with your neighbour. Make sure you don’t lean out too far! 

3 Quarantine Olympics

Although Tokyo Olympics has been officially postponed, you can easily create your own indoor version. You could even just do a daily challenge. The only rule is that you make your own rules! 


4 Recreate your cancelled vacation plans

This couple decided to go on a cruise whilst they were sat at home – complete with cruise ship sounds! Or why not “take a trip” via YouTube to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit?

5 Online challenges and balcony-karaoke

Online, people are challenging each other all over the world in many different art forms. Why don’t you test your drawing skill? Or your general creative abilities? Otherwise, why not joining your neighbours for a balcony-karaoke or to sing your favourite songs together – yes, people are doing this as well!