28 April 2020

Today is the world day for health and safety at work and we mark the occasion by reminding and inspiring you with some useful tips

2:00 min

Your health and safety is the top priority of the bank. As we move towards a “new normal”, social distancing and remote working will continue to be important elements in the fight against Covid-19.

We have changed how we work and are getting used to new ways of doing things. However, changes can also take time and cause stress and tensions along the way.

Here’s some of the useful advice on One UniCredit and tips from across the Group.

  • There are obvious ways to stay safe by  washing our hands and sneezing in the most appropriate way
  • Remember the importance of protecting our mental health. Limit your intake of news to one or two credible sources and developing a new routine could help reduce anxiety. 
  • This period is an opportunity to start new habits, exploring the healthy-food world or invest our breaks in doing a home-workouts. If you plan it, you can do it… and with online platforms and social training you will never feel lonely.
  • Our colleagues at UniCredit Bank Austria has kindly shared with us their fitness routine which includes exercises for all levels, from belly & legsback & core and spinegymnastic to a complete tabata session… 
  • And if you’re looking for a complete fitness playlist, take a look at the UniCredit Bulbank initiative here… more than 10 videos with exercises to improve your stretching, posture and mobility!
  • Whether you’re a fitness-maniac or if you prefer to alternate gym-breaks with comfortable sofa-breaks, it’s essential to stay mentally fit and focused, especially when we stay at home.

 we stay at home.