24 April 2020

Whether you are alone, with a roommate, partner or your entire family, the time might soon be approaching to celebrate someone's birthday. Here are our five tips to ensure your friend, family, partner or children have a memorable birthday, celebrate safely and feel close to others, albeit remotely.

2:00 min

1 A special night under the stars

Why not make this birthday unforgettable by planning an evening staring upwards? You and your children can lay there and observe the stars then use one of the countless apps that, thanks to augmented reality, help us understand how the sky is composed. Discover your favorite constellation and teach your children to spot the Ursa Major, Venus and the Big Dipper!

2 Cake delivery around the world

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without a cake or some delicious treats for the occasion! If you can’t bake your favorite cake, don’t panic… why not take a look at Bake Me a Wish or Gift Baskets Overseas where you can order your cake online or have one delivered halfway around the world to a friend or loved one. Otherwise, if you have all the ingredients in your pantry, why not connect to do some remote bakery lessons and learn some new recipes… there are some gluten-free too!

3 Indoor camping

As children we all fantasised about building a den or a pirate ship at home or those evenings camping by the sea. If you have a birthday during this period and are stuck at home, you could take the opportunity to have a themed setting inside your living room. Take some old tablecloths, tents and boxes and recreate a particular environment where you can have your dinner and spend the evening. Get the children involved too with their active imaginations… no candles, but neon and soft lights will help you spend an evening very different from usual and mark your birthday in a different way.


4 e-wrap the gift

A small gift could really make a big difference to people, especially those who are spending this time alone.  It doesn’t have to be something material but, with a bit of imagination, you can send a beautiful memory to your friend or loved one. You could create a video with memorable snippets from an unforgettable trip, a collection of photos of the most treasured moments spent together or even record yourself playing the birthday boy/girls‘s favourite song. As another idea, why not think about a subscription to digital services …there are so many different options: fitness, music, TV series, movies, astrology, audiobooks, podcasts, mobile games and gardening.  

5 Don't forget to sing 'Happy Birthday' out loud

Now that the majority of us can all connect online, never have house parties been so popular. All you need to do is choose one of the many platforms available, invite your guests and enjoy the party together. Take the opportunity to have a drink and blow the candles out with everyone…and make the most of being able to invite whoever you want because you won’t have any problems with there not being enough space!