14 April 2020

Apart from flash mobs from our balconies or dusting off a vintage turntable that you haven’t used for years, there are hundreds of fantastic tunes that are being shared and discovered via different social networks at the moment. Here are five key music trends to help cheer us up during these challenging times.

2:00 min

1 Attend live concerts

Online space is experiencing a spike in the amount of unique, virtual live concerts, such as that of Patti Smith who put on an emotional show dedicated especially to the city of Milan through a live streaming session via various social channels. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for some nostalgic hard rock, don’t miss “Metallica Mondays”, a series of historical concerts that the heavy metal band has decided to make freely available via online streaming.

2 Dance all night

To help us recreate the dance floors of the coolest clubs in the world while still being in our living rooms, many artists are organising virtual DJ sets, such as the Temple of the Lost Future. They’re trying to beat the record of the longest DJ set in the world with 340 hours of non-stop music streaming, including electronic, indie, ethnic and hip hop tracks. Most of these DJ sets take place over the weekend, but don’t worry … there is no dress code!

3 Be stunned as 8D music plays in your headphones

8D music tracks are one of the hottest things around at the moment on the internet, and are helping those who are alone to feel less isolated: current hits or famous songs from the past have been specifically modified to make us listen in another dimension! These tracks have the power to make us hear sounds that appear to come different directions (including up and down) and different distances, leaving us with a hypnotic and uplifting feeling. To enjoy these songs properly, put your headphones on, close your eyes and let the music take you away!

4 Build homemade musical instruments

Since schools are currently closed, parents need to keep children busy doing something constructive. You could combine music with manual skills and challenge yourself and your children to build some DIY musical instruments such as maracas, tambourines and harps.

5 Finally, have a go playing yourself!

Finally, if you feel like trying various musical elements yourself or giving your children the chance to learn a new skill, here are some apps that allow you to have a real go at it without needing all the equipment. All you need is a connected device, and you can start playing the piano, having online karaoke parties with your friends, and learning to mix like a real DJ!