15 April 2020

With life the way it currently is, the four walls of our homes may feel like huge barriers impeding our travel to far-away places. But fear not, technology can offer us brilliant solutions to enjoy wonderful places from the comfort of our own homes. Here are five experiences you can enjoy without leaving your sofa.

2:00 min

1 Watch the sun rising and setting from the island of Hvar

If you are missing the sea and you want to lose yourself looking out over the horizon, the island of Hvar in Croatia offers a temporary solution. A webcam allows viewers from all around the world to enjoy the spectacle in real time. Views of the city, the port, the sea and the Pakleni islands allow you to fully appreciate the beauty one of the most breath-taking views in Croatia. Be sure to catch sunrise and sunset when it is especially beautiful.

2 Visit Berlin’s Alte Nationalgalerie

Contemplating the masterpieces of history’s greatest artists has never been easier as the Alte Nationalgalerie’s website offers virtual tours of its vast exhibition space. You can walk through the halls of the German art gallery, enjoying the largest collection of paintings and sculptures from the 19th Century. Bring your children with you too – they will learn something new, and there won’t be any danger of them breaking anything…


3 Walk through the streets of Vienna in HD

Stroll along the streets of Vienna whilst appreciating the modernity and dynamism of a city that has a lot to tell. There is a guided Ultra HD 4km tour on YouTube! It will not only transport you to Vienna, the capital of the Habsburg Empire, but also give you an insight into the music and art of Vienna. This wonderful tour starts at the Vienna State Opera House, passes through the historic center of the city and ends at the Neue Burg. You will not believe your eyes!


4 Visit the Reggia of Caserta

If you love history and architecture, you should not miss the Royal Palace of Caserta, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. This grand palace, located near to Naples, is the largest royal palace in the world in terms of square metres – even larger than Versailles, if you were wondering! Thanks to the virtual tours offered on the Reggia of Caserta’s website, you can admire the grandeur of the building’s architecture and pretend you are one of the owners. You can even get lost in its immense gardens!

5 Moscow like you've never seen it before

Relax in your armchair, fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly over the city of Moscow. Thanks to the Airpano website, you can enjoy the beauty of Moscow from an unusual point of view – as if you were riding a helicopter. For those who prefer more traditional sights and a closer look at the pearls of the city, such as Saint Basil’s Cathedral or the statue of Lenin, p4panorama.com offers a virtual tour consisting of 360-degree images. Have a look!