03 April 2020

Now is a great time to get creative in the kitchen. And where better to get inspiration than our UniCredit colleagues?

2:00 Min

Do you have a recipe for a favourite snack or simple meal you can share with us? Or how about a tasty cake?

But don’t just send us the recipes. We want you to film yourself making it.

And don’t be shy about getting your partner or children involved too, even if just for holding the camera!

To help you, we’ve written some simple instructions:

  • Decide what to make. Remember: simplicity is key!
  • Divide your recipe into 5–10 steps
  • Write some notes for each step. Try to keep it short and punchy.
  • Record yourself explaining what you are cooking and then record yourself explaining each step, facing the camera like a selfie. Each step can be recorded as separate clips or as one long take. Please hold the camera horizontally if possible.
  • Film yourself doing each step of the process, e.g. grating the cheese, stirring the sauce, etc.. These needs to be filmed as separate clips.
  • Get shots of the snack, meal or cake when it’s ready
  • And finally, record yourself (and others) tasting it!
  • If you find it hard to record video footage then why not take photographs of each step instead.

Send us all of the video clips you shoot plus any written notes (i.e. the recipe or instructions for each step) and we’ll do the rest.

You can email your clips to onebank@unicreditgroup.eu

If the files are large, use a file transfer service like WeTransfer (but don’t forget to disconnect your VPN!)

Happy cooking! We’ll start publishing contributions from next week.

Please note: if your children appear in the video, please sign the release form available at this link.