03 April 2020

Most of the transactions traditionally carried out in the branch can be completed via remote channels from the comfort of your own home. Here are some simple solutions avoid visiting a branch.

2:00 min

Many customer, especially senior citizens, are used to visiting their branch in person to manage their banking matters at the counter. Unfortunately, at this time many branches are closed to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers. Therefore, the best thing you can do is do your banking from home and fortunately this is very easy to do!

Most of the transactions traditionally carried out in the branch can be completed via remote channels from the comfort of your own home. Here are simple ways to do your banking without visiting a branch.

1 Use Internet Banking

Go to the website of your UniCredit bank. If you haven’t already registered online, you can usually do it with the information provided by your bank when you opened your account.

If you need more information to access online banking, or if you need new access codes, speak to your local bank representative. Once logged in online, you will be able to carry out all essential banking activities from your computer such as; balance checks, transfers, the payments of utilities or insurance instalments, etc.

You can find your online banking here.

2 Use Mobile Banking

If you have an up-to-date smartphone that connects to the internet, using mobile banking is easy! UniCredit’s mobile app is free – go to the app store on your phone, search for your bank and download it. Once the download is successful, you will find the icon on your phone screen. Just tap on it and activate your app following the provided instructions by the app itself.

When the app is activated, just log in through your personal codes or also using your biometrics if available on your smartphone (fingerprint or face ID) to carry out many banking activities! In case of problems you can ask for support from the customer service number of your bank.

3 Use the Telephone Banking

If you prefer to talk to someone about doing your banking matters or ask about other suitable options, you can contact the customer service number of your bank by telephone. The numbers are available on the bank websites, in the mobile apps or on the back of your payment card.

4 Make an appointment in the branch

For banking transactions which need to be done in the branch, you can arrange a meeting with a local banking representative. If your branch closed, please find here for Italy, here for Germany and here for Austria, the branches nearest to you and their opening hours.

If you can’t go outside or if you are in a high risk group, evaluate with the branch the possibility of assigning a person you trust as a delegate for a single transaction or on a permanent basis. This representative must identify himself or herself with an official photo ID and present a signed order.

5 Be aware of the risks

Online banking is easy to do from home, but be vigilant about the risks and be wary of scams. Remember: UniCredit will NEVER ask you for your internet access password, credit card number or pin in an email or over the phone