This week we discover the 4th story taken from UniCredit's 2021 Annual Report. A very touching testament of our colleague Andrea Bertamini who is supporting for years now an organization known as “FOP Italia OdV”. FOP stands for “Fibrodisplasia Ossificante Progressiva”, and it is an extremely rare and progressive disease among children. Read how Andrea together with the UniCredit Foundation took action and helped to make a difference.

2:00 min

I apply my innate passion and zeal for life into everything I do, and I believe it’s my duty to act as an advocate for those who are not able to truly live life to its fullest. Therefore, I’m incredibly grateful that I’m part of the UniCredit Trento team as all my colleagues share in my moral responsibility to help people, and organizations that have a “small but mighty cause”.


For years, I have spent my time outside of work supporting an organisation known as “FOP Italia OdV”. FOP stands for “Fibrodisplasia Ossificante Progressiva”, and it is an extremely rare and progressive disease among children. It affects their bone and muscle development, leading to high immobility or the inability to move their bodies correctly.


Due to the rarity of the disease, there is very little medical research or studies that have been conducted on the illness. That’s why, in 2006, FOP was created by parents of patients, all of which are driven by a shared passion.


They organize meetings and conferences, promote the importance of the sharing of knowledge, provide funding for research, and they go to impossible lengths to provide their children with a chance for a better future.

A future that all children deserve. With the tremendous support and generosity of my fellow colleagues at UniCredit, our Foundation has been able to make significant inroads to  enhancing the lives of children who suffer from this rare and life-altering disease. Since 2008, the funds raised by the Foundation have financed an annual research scholarship for young researchers at Gaslini Pediatric Hospital.

Furthermore, from 2019 they have made an annual contribution to IFOPA, an American research organization for projects on gene therapy (since 2019), and they funded the “Simona Vallara” Award in 2020, with the aim of improving the daily life of FOP patients. I’m incredible proud to be part of “the UniCredit Group that recognizes and supports such a small but mighty cause”. The support of my team has provided me with the “continued motivation I need to make a difference in my community, and in the lives of others.”