As part of our new UniCredit Unlocked strategic plan, we are striving to reduce the complexity of our bank and simplify the way we make decisions.

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We are working hard to streamline our structure and processes so that we can operate faster and with greater clarity to better serve our clients and our communities. To achieve this, we believe that having a diverse and forward-thinking workforce is critical to our success so we can continue to empower our communities, and each other, to progress.


On International Women’s Day, we have celebrated our “female champions of simplification” in countries across the Group. Discover some of their stories below!


“I am proud to have been part of the team sounding board with the ‘Su misura per te’ project for eight months now. The initiative was put into place to simplify our bank’s processes, many of which are unnecessarily complex and long. I am heavily involved in discussions and strategies to make our way of working faster and more efficient.


We work on many topics, but one that is particularly close to my heart - and which will be implemented across the entire network on 8 March - is paper-based printing authorisation for non-digitalised customers. This will allow us to continue to better serve those customers who, for different reasons - one of which is age - have remained somewhat distant from technology. It will mean that we can complete contracts for products and services for non-digitalised customers using the old paper printing system, thereby accommodating there needs too.”


Valeria Bianco

Market Manager, Region Nord Ovest

Czech Republic and Slovakia

“Together with my colleagues from the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) team in Czech Republic and Slovakia we have been focusing on robotisation and automation of activities in Operations. We selected activities that require a lot of manual input, that are time-consuming and fragmented through several systems. Robotisation as such, always brings significant automation and saves time.


However, as part of our business analysis, we would always focus on general simplification of the overall E2E process, where possible. We tried to eliminate manual input, detect any unnecessary steps, and simplify the overall process. As a result, we achieved not only efficiency, but also improved data quality, decreased operational risk, and a faster process. This has had a very positive impact on customer experience.”


Lucie Rožková

Head of Digital and Business Support at UniCredit Leasing

(Former Head of Project Management at UniCredit Bank)


“‘Speak up: Change the old rule!’ is a six-month programme that aims to collect non-IT simplification ideas or IT ideas that can be implemented in a very short space of time. The idea of the programme came from a need to encourage colleagues to initiate change by identifying simplification ideas to help them make processes at work easier.


The main idea was to involve more colleagues in optimising and simplifying the bank's processes and activities. Anamaria Solomon from Accounting & Reporting was the first winner of the Speak up: Change the old rule! campaign. She responded to the challenge and sent a simplification idea which she implemented in a very short time, thus becoming an example for all of us. She showed us that change starts with us and that simple things can have an impact.”











Roxana Niculescu & Cristina Varzaru

Process Management Unit


“We started our professional careers in sales at very different times with the bank. I (Astrid) had been working at the Bank since 1990, mainly in sales, while she (Micaela) started her training in 2007. We now both work part-time so that we can spend more time with our families.


The Gender Diversity Programme, which was launched and implemented throughout the Bank last year, provided the framework for assigning management responsibility to employees regardless of their personal situations. This gave us the opportunity to take on management responsibilities together on a part-time basis.”


Speaking about the overall project, Gabriele Rauer, Head of the Customer Care units in Smart Banking says, “The aim of Smart Banking is to dedicate more time to individual customer service and advice through improved processes, more efficient structures, and the use of new technologies. That is why the Sales and Customer Care divisions were separated, and new teams created. By splitting up, we are now in a position to offer our customers even more flexible and seamlessly interconnected solutions to carry out their banking transactions and to advise them competently."


Astrid Flögel & Micaela Weßeloh

Customer Care Regulatory team in the Smart Banking sector, Hamburg, Germany