This week we discover the 3rd story taken from UniCredit's 2021 Annual Report. A very touching testament of our colleague Michael who experienced catastrophic flash floods in Germany last summer.

Read how Michael and other UniCredit colleagues took action and helped the local communities overcome the tragic event that hit many villages across the country.

2:00 min

In July 2021, my home country of Germany suffered record- breaking rainfall.


The torrential downpour caused catastrophic flash floods which resulted in over 220 fatalities, the destruction of buildings, and colossal damage to critical infrastructure.


This fatal tragedy left our country’s citizens in tremendous shock. When disaster happens, the UniCredit team knows that those in need require a swift response. The care and compassion of our team at UniCredit Germany led to several of our colleagues to quickly contact the Bank’s Foundation.


Within a matter of hours, the Foundation was on board and helped to support our initiative aimed at providing funds for disaster relief in the communities directly affected by the fatal natural disaster.

“The response has been overwhelming... many of the colleagues also explicitly thanked the Foundation”.


My fellow colleagues, across all our European branches, immediately rose to action in support of our initiative. Their overwhelming generosity saw our team collect close to 700 donations. The Foundation doubled the amount donated, leading to a combined total of €180 thousand in funds raised.

The money raised by UniCredit was immediately provided to the non-profit relief organisation, Aktion Deutch Hilft e.V, which provided food, shelter, and medical aid to the members of our community whose lives were greatly affected by the floods.