A new digital set up and leadership team

Our People

Monday 06 September 2021

Andrea Orcel and Jingle Pang
share their vision
and the structure
of the new Digital division.

2:00 min

We are very excited to be able to announce the first line of our Digital set up and leadership team.
The clarity around these roles and positions marks another step towards our next chapter as a bank: greater simplification within our digital and innovation business.

Part of the reason that UniCredit exists is to empower our communities to progress, grow and rebuild.
And a central part of how we do that is: digitalisation.
In addition to best fulfilling our day-to-day IT needs, which remains a priority, digitalisation is a vision, a mission, and an ambition to be just that little bit different and disruptive.



We are on the precipice of this transformation; creating a new UniCredit fit for a 21st century world. A world where digital and data are key. A world in which the way for us to best serve our customers across the board is by simply and seamlessly strengthening our digital set up.

This doesn’t mean simply tweaking the systems we currently have in place. This means conducting a complete overhaul of our digital offering, internally and externally, from the ground up. This means having a data-driven bank to put the customer at the core, using data to empower every decision and touch point we have with them.

It will take time, focus, a collective change of mindset and a process of re- and upskilling. It will be a complex journey, one which we are realistic but ambitious about.

We don’t have all the answers yet. But we do have some of the most innovative and forward-thinking minds driving this change. With those minds, we will build a team that is prepared to think big and push boundaries.

A team deeply committed to enhancing how we serve our clients: by developing and employing the best-in-class technologies, with an ambition to build a pioneering digital financial institution.

And we will do all of this, without ever losing sight of who we are doing it for. Our people remain the beating heart of UniCredit and always will.

UniCredit’s digitalisation is for the small business looking to secure a future post-COVID, the family hoping to start afresh. For the student dying to get to university. For the entrepreneur eager to rebuild. For the grandfather looking for a simpler system. For the branch manager tired of unnecessary paperwork. For individuals, for employees, for companies, for communities. For everyone.

We imagine a world where our customers feel empowered and included. Where they approach banking with ease. Where they have access to the latest digital offering. When that world is a reality, we will know we’ve done this right.

Until then, we invite you to join us and ask for your commitment, insight, and innovation as we embark on this transformation.

Not only is it the only way that we can serve our customers to the best of our ability right now, but it will ensure UniCredit’s place amongst the banks of the future enabling us to serve them for a long, long time to come. 

We can’t wait to get started. 

Jingle and Andrea