The kindness of our colleagues at our Italian Cantù branch in helping a customer who had been a victim of theft, earns the attention of the local news. A story with a happy ending that demonstrates, once again, how much solidarity and customer centricity are essential values to us. 

2:00 min

Antonella Di Grigoli, 49, is the mother of a disabled young adult. On Monday 13 September 2021, at around 9.40 a.m., she visited the UniCredit branch in Largo XX Settembre in Cantù, a small town near Milan, to withdraw money for her son. She forgot the money there, or maybe she lost it on the way out or on the way in. The fact is that shortly afterwards she realised that she no longer had the money with her.


She went back to the branch and asked if she had left it there by chance - sometimes you forget to withdraw either the card or the cash, which goes back into the machine after thirty seconds - but this was not the case. The branch immediately checked to see if there was a cash imbalance but unfortunately the charge was made and the money was not returned.


Bittered the woman returned home and vented her anger on some Facebook groups, launching a plea for help.

"That money, 200 euro, was for my disabled son: unfortunately, at the ATM, I forgot to withdraw it, and someone took the money. I only ask this person to put his/her hand to their heart. I ask however is responsible to take the money back to the bank and explain what happened. Or, if they prefer, to contact me via Facebook, or to find a way.”

The message was also read by our branch employees, where Antonella is known to everyone. “I immediately took action, I contacted the Lombardy management structure" said the branch manager, Anna Perazzo, "and together we decided to help the customer by donating the entire 200 euros she had lost. It was our moral duty to give her back her smile.”

A happy ending for the customer and a demonstration of how much we value relationships and knowledge of the millions of customers we serve every day.