Regina Wild lives in Munich, with her husband and her two children, who are 7 and 9 years old. She works at HVB in a senior position in IT Business Analysis in a highly specialised and technical role. After she turns off her computer each day, she has a “second life” - painting for family and friends. In 2017, she decided to turn her passion from a hobby into a freelance activity. Here’s her story!


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I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. Colours have always fascinated me. I love being completely absorbed in painting, and losing track of space and time. When creativity flows freely, my paintings take shape by themselves. In these moments, my motto is: “Be creative. Be free.” 

I started out with pencil and ink drawings, and then over the years I have branched out to try pastels, water colours, oil paints and silk painting. Now, I especially like working with acrylic paints, because they give me the flexibility I need for both abstract and figurative work. With acrylics I can create interesting light effects, and can emphasise these effects by using modeling paste and texturing agents.

Depending on the style, paintings can create different moods and give rooms a completely new look. Finding the perfect painting for a particular spot is not always easy. I’m happy to work with people to find the right colour composition for them or to put their favourite photos on canvas.


This year, I will celebrate my 25th work anniversary. Painting contributes to my part-time profession. Finding a new solutions for a business need or solving an IT problem is like looking at a work of art. The right solution is much easier to find with creativity and flexibility. And if a brushstroke comes out differently than planned, it can still become a great piece of work. 

Not very many colleagues know about this passion of mine. But in these dreary times, bringing a bit more colour into our lives can only be a positive thing. That is why I decided to share it with you!