As we move forward in an exciting new direction, we bid a fond farewell to our “Branch Heroes”, “Unstoppables 2.0” and “Lockdown Learnings” formats.

5:00 min

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, One UniCredit launched a series of stories known as “Branch Heroes”“Unstoppables 2.0” and “Lockdown Learnings” to overcome these uncertain times through shared experiences and solidarity. First and foremost, Branch Heroes served to recognise the remarkable work and dedication of our colleagues around the Group. Second, Unstoppables 2.0 put the spotlight on our clients who weathered the economic storm through innovative ideas and solutions. Finally, Lockdown Learnings focused on valuable lessons throughout the pandemic, covering topics from tech-celeration to work-life balance. 


After roughly 12 months, we close this chapter by thanking all our people and clients for sharing their extraordinary narratives of perseverance and resilience. Your stories have been shared – and re-shared – around the Group, encouraging and motivating others to rise to the challenges with hope for the future. In the meantime, we will continue to publish “A Day in the Life” and “UniCredit’s Got Talent” articles, showcasing the exceptional people of our Bank.


To end this season with a bang, we rounded up a selection of inspiring stories for you from our colleagues in Italy. They discuss the challenges of balancing private and professional life at home while appreciating the flexibility of remote working. Our colleagues also talk about the swift adoption of UniCredit digital channels, which has helped them stay in touch with their teams, clients and communities, fostering stronger relationships through the crisis and beyond. 


To discover more, enjoy the video below and find out how they overcame the obstacles of adjusting to the new normal while relying on the responsiveness and resilience of our Group!


New fresh formats will be presented on the Group Intranet in the coming weeks.